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How Are Your Communication Skills?

Are you a Facebook junkie? I think I am a borderliner. I find myself looking far too often and well, sometimes I'm a bit obsessed with postings and emails. I have a page on Facebook which is used for ministry and my radio program so I love to get activity related to that page … [Read More...]

It’s All About Me…Really?

Close your eyes, stop and think...random now...where does your mind drift off to? Honestly, I sure think most about me, my world, my home, family, problems and agendas and more ME! It kind of bugs ME to have a Me mindset. After all I share my home with others and thoughts of them … [Read More...]

Got Prayer?

I can think of too many times when I have thrown my hands up in the air and said,  "I just don't know what to do!" My goodness, what a sorry statement that we all make at the times when God is right there waiting to help us in our predicament (no matter how small or large it may … [Read More...]