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2 Corinth 10-5

Oh, Those Emotional Meltdowns!

It was a day wrapped in disappointment!  I am most thankful that I don't have many days like that.  But not today...this was a dreary, gloomy (sensing winter's approach) day of emotional let downs.  Two of my friends recently lost their loved ones and my heart was heavy for them … [Read More...]

Ponderings from 2014

Visiting the #Loft as we reflect on 2014... Unlike my later quarter of 2013, this year has been a year of living out my new normal. A year of making the huge shift work and frankly I am not there quite yet but I can see it coming. This has been a year of big adjustments … [Read More...]


My Right to be Right?

There will be those days when you wonder who you are really living with and comments are made that are hurtful and seem to come out of nowhere! But then I think at this point in my marriage relationship that we have come too far for that! Well guess what, even though my husband … [Read More...]

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David, My Hero of Sorts…

Visiting over at #the Loft today with a wonderful bunch of girls who love God! When I was a new believer in Christ, I sure didn’t think that God could be very pleased with me. After all I had a jaded past full of regrets and loathsome sins that the enemy of my soul used to … [Read More...]

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Au D’ Clutter…

Sadly, I want to make a confession…I am a clutter bug! There, I made it public! It’s Just another step in the process of recovery. How does one go from hardly anything to so much more than I will ever use let alone need? For many years as a young mom I could pack what I owned … [Read More...]

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My Author for the Hour…

Over here at #theloft to share a favorite book. I sometimes don't like to draw vast amounts of attention to the author, however it seems that Mark Batterson is really saying what we need to hear right now. Or at least I do! I began my journey not with "The Circle Maker" but … [Read More...]

Birdnest on Cross

My Home, My Sanctuary…

I remember the days of chaos in my home. Screaming kids and stuff everywhere. Discontentment does that to our homes! I was not happy with anything, complained about everything and joy was superficial. This is not a happy home! This is what chaos means according to Merriam … [Read More...]