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Oh How I Loved My Coffee

If you only knew how much I loved coffee! I mean I used to get monthly auto-ship from an on line coffee vendor. And anytime I was near a favorite high-end coffee shop I would always have to bring home a bag or two of Fireside Blend…delish (my fave for many years!)

I have given my friend permission to tell of my crazy coffee snob antics. She tells of the times when we were out of town together and I always brought my own coffee, emptied out the hotel packets and replaced with my own ground coffee to provide delicious dark roast coffee every morning. Yup, anyone who knows me knows I love coffee!

So why am I saying that I loved my coffee? Well I truly am amazed that I no longer drink and enjoy it. Whaaaaa? Yup! How does a bonafide coffee snob stop drinking coffee and why?

Well…a few years ago I began toying with a nutrition product called Zeal. It is a wonderful, easy to drink, whole food product that fills you with all the wonderful vitamins and nutrients we lack and need especially today. I dabbled and took it on and off for about 9-months. When fall arrived I decided that I would try this product the way it was supposed to be taken, daily, for three months to see if the stuff really did work and do what it was supposed to do…fill me with goodness, improve my immune system, provide anti-inflammatory results and help with my aging process.

Long story short, for one thing I didn’t get sick that year. Well that was good news! So I continued over the next year, I still didn’t get sick! Woo hoo, that was incredible. I loved the energy I got from taking it and of course the fact that I wasn’t sick any more. But here’s the interesting thing…Zeal has an amazing element in it’s formula that falls under its Enrich Blend properties, called guarana.

Guarana seed powder is used to help increase energy, regulate a healthy metabolism, and suppress the appetite in a natural and healthy way. Click To Tweet

Here’s how it affected me:

  • my morning coffee began to decrease to one or two cups
  • my afternoon coffee, was then replaced with a second serving of Zeal

My afternoon slump gave way to added nutrition instead of a cup of coffee like so many of us do mid-afternoon.

Guarana, will give you the energy you need which is released slowly through your system over several hours. Sufficient to carry you through (whether to start your day or your mid-afternoon slump.)

Needless to say, I have lost my taste for coffee. Seriously, I didn’t plan this! Smells great, yes, but I just don’t care for it anymore. Not only that but I am benefiting from the properties of the guarana seed powder that help curb my appetite and is beneficial for my metabolism.

“…through clinical studies, it is shown that Guarana can improve memory and alertness. In many cases, it can also improve a person’s mood…The biggest advantage–and one that most people aren’t aware of–is that it can help you lose weight.”

I would love to help you give Zeal a try. Even just 30-90 days might make a difference in how you feel and it might even be great!

There was a time when I ‘loved’ my coffee, but now I love what is helping to make me healthy!

Help for the Body Month-end Special

I am here to help you take care of yourself and tending to the body is just part of the deal…did I say deal? Well I really meant to say that I am offering a special through the end of the month to encourage you to take the plunge and give yourself a prompt to help improve your health.

Do you take a handful of vitamins every day or oops, did you forget today?

Wouldn’t it be easy to just take a form of nutrition that is as easy as drinking a glass of water? Yup, you just have to add water and shake to actually enjoy this product!



So let me encourage you to give the Zeal Wellness a 30-day chance to prove itself by giving you more focus and energy (and who doesn’t need that???) and you will also be boosting your immune system and in today’s stress-filled world, we all need that kind of help to have a fighting chance.


Until the end of the month I am running a special…
If you sign up for Customer Loyalty with either Weight Management or Preferred Customer with the canister and 12 bottles.I will send you $25 to cover your signup fee for the Preferred Customer order.

WMPROGRAMFor the Weight Management I will send you $40 to cover the sign up fee.

Remember we have that new flavor to try as well, Kiwi/Watermelon (in the original formula!) And now when you sign up for the canister with the 12 bottles you can get them mixed flavors!

When I see you have signed up I will send you a check for either $25 or $40! It’s that simple!

Don’t miss this opportunity to try the Zeal Challenge! Just visit my website to sign up or contact me for help!

I will be excited to hear the impact that it is having on you friend!

Here’s a Sweet Deal for You…

Just in time for the month of February!

Here’s a sweet deal for you who might be wondering just what this Zeal Wellness is really all about! Through the month of February, I would love to help you get started. All you have to do is make a 30-90 day commitment by becoming a Preferred Customer by ordering the Zeal Customer Loyalty or Zurvita Weight Management Customer Loyalty package.

I am going to make this simple by offering to pay your enrollment fees! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

So now what would stop you from helping your body be happy?

Time to get ZEALOUS about good health! You gotta love that!

Just contact me here.

#ZealforLife #Goodnutritioncounts

Making the Shift

KN with tagWelcome, I am so glad you are here!

Sometimes we get to a place in our lives when there comes a tweaking, a nudge, or a reconfiguration if you will. That is what is happening on this site you have visited, just a smidge of a shift to embrace the fullness of not just the Spiritual and Emotional part of our lives but to include as importantly our body.

A few years ago I got seriously involved in making a difference in my health. Deciding to put to test a product that I had been introduce to by a dear friend. You can read more about my Zeal testimony.

Just so happens I began to really like what was happening with my health as my immune system was being boosted. I found that I wasn’t getting sick like I typically did. Because of that I ended up becoming a consultant for Zurvita.

I am thankful that I have made this move because what has happened is a better awareness of the importance of building into our earthly tent or body, as well as the other two elements that comprise who we are. And the Bible has a lot to say about taking care of our “temples.” Why? Because we house the Holy Spirit when Christ redeemed our lives!

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In the past I dabbled with health fads and eating various nutritious foods. I have always gardened and love fresh foods. But in this age of super farming (which has annihilated what was once good for us, by genetically modifying our base foods,) we are basically putting a gun to our heads by the food choices we make when they aren’t healthy. Or we may be completely ignorant going along with the societal trend of the super-size, fast food eating.

This new area includes issues like dairy and grain allergies. Don’t you wonder why people are struggling, trying to maintain their health even when it seems like they are eating well?

Well, here is a place where we will embrace all three elements of health and wellness from top to bottom if you will.

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I hope you will join me on the journey of healing so we can be the effective instruments God has designed us to be…as we confront the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of this pathway called life. Let’s be an encouragement to one another and lift each other up because when the ‘body’ is hurting then we all are hurting!


Knowing that God has called to live a life full and abundant should tell us something. And when we are dragging around we aren’t much help to ourselves and others!

In here you will find information about how we can guard, improve, address those stumbling blocks, and grow into healthier human beings. I will even include recipes and features from friend who are on the journey with me.

So if your with me lets give it our very best! Join me on the journey to wholeness so we can finish strong and take many with us!

This Scripture will remain a standard closing for us when we finish our time together…

“May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ. The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it!” 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 Message Paraphrase

Valentine Special for You…

Here’s a sweet deal for you who might be wondering just what this Zeal Wellness is really all about! I would love for you to try all three flavors of Zeal Wellness so I’m giving one box of six bottles away to someone! All you have to do is leave a comment about Zeal and I will put your name in a drawing to receive not only some Zeal samples but also a little something from the Gift Shoppe!

Time to get ZEALOUS about good health!

#ZealforLife #Goodnutritioncounts

Valentine special '15

Energy Bites

This has become one of my favorite mid-meal snacks. The kind that gives you the boost needed to make it through the morning or afternoon blahs! They also can satisfy that little sweet craving.

They are extremely versatile from vanilla to chocolate; sweetened or not and add in what you’d like.

So easy to make you will want to whip up a batch right after reading this…

In a medium stainless or glass bowl mix all together:

1 Cup of ground flax seed (I use either golden or brown)

1 Cup peanut butter (any kind you like but my preference is the natural)

2 scoops of your choice of protein powder (love my Zeal protein powder which comes in Vanilla or Chocolate)

2 oz of coconut oil (optional)

1/4 cup of honey (or you could use molasses if you like the flavor)

2 cups of rolled oats

1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips (you can use minis if you like and any flavor you like)

Optional add ins: finely chopped nuts, 2 oz of cocoa powder (for a more chocolaty flavor), dried fruits (chopped fine), flaked coconut. Really the skies the limit!

Energy Bites 1

Once you have these mixed up well–and remember that your honey, coconut oil even peanut butter will mix much easier if warmed–grab your trusty marvelous #4 scoop! This recipe will make up approximately 18 nice sized balls. If you find your mixture is a bit on the dry side, try drizzling some honey or melted coconut oil until the consistency is moldable instead of crumbly. Again, warm ingredients will work best.

Energy Bites 2

Mine are placed in a square storage container and refrigerated to thoroughly chill and store. Throw in the freezer to keep longer or out of those fingers that just want another!

And do enjoy!