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So I Entered a Writing Contest!

I am an aspiring author! But my writing has been confined to my blog. It’s a find the time thing. Please don’t think that blog posts are a piece of cake to write, edit, queue and all else that goes with blogging. But it is somewhat different than writing a book and I so am wanting to get to that place. Writing my story, writing my speaking topics, etc.

So Faith Radio recently announced their “3rd Annual Faith Radio Writer’s Contest” and I entered. But here’s the deal, you the readers have to read the submission and then you have to be proactive and vote on the piece. So guess what, I need your assistance please. Would you be willing to read and if you like what is written, cast your vote by choosing the heart with the + in the middle.  I would so appreciate your efforts on my behalf!

My hope is to be one of the top choices but to get there it is like a popularity contest with the peoples choice:0)

Here’s the link to the piece I submitted, “Better Than a Hallelujah” …Just click the image and you will get there!






Thank you for your vote in advance and if I get in the top numbers, you will know about it!