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Oh Momma, are You at Peace Today?

John16.33Is your contentment contingent on another’s happiness? Whether it is our children, our spouse, our our boss, too often unless they are happy then we will want to or tend to do cartwheels to make them happy. When they aren’t then we may have trouble settling in and being at peace.

Too often our thoughts and the things that we do are perpetuated by what another thinks or by how they may respond. I think we call that walking on eggshells! Boy that can make us one miserable and sometimes neurotic person!

I want to encourage you to look inside and ask yourself just what it is that gives you peace and contentment. If you find it is in pleasing others then “Houston, we have a problem!”

So where do I go and what do I do to find true happiness?

First of all let me ask what is it that causes you to feel content?

Where do you derive that sense of peace that makes you feel ‘real’ joy?

I know that for myself, it didn’t come until I was willing to let go or cut off every string of a someone else “if only they…” that drained life and peace from me. I did so someone else would be happy or see value in me. I controlled so that someone else would not get upset. And on and on the vicious cycle would go. Family, loved ones and our friends can be wonderful, because relationships are extremely important! Part of who the human race is and why we exist is to be relational, by God’s design. And of course ultimately pointing to Him. But when we can’t find contentment apart from others then we really do need to purpose to know why not.

When I came to Christ as a troubled young mom who was extremely co-dependent, I was not a very happy or peace filled person. My joy was too contingent on others. For thirteen years I struggled to be content. I was never truly happy and my world basically fell apart, not to mention that my marriage came pretty close to a disastrous end as well.

Line Break

I remember a time when my husband and I had words that weren’t good or healthy. I was so upset and of course the first thing I wanted to do was run to the phone to talk to an older wiser woman of God. I am not kidding you when I say that when I went to pick up the phone the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Put down the phone and call upon me.” Wow, I did, and I prayed and talked to the Lord and felt more at peace than I had for some time.

You see our tendency is to run to others to solve our problems or to gather our troops. To prove our case is right and that our ‘enemy’ is wrong. Way to solve a problem…not!

It wasn’t until I continued to run to my Abba Father and cry on His shoulders that I could finally find contentment and peace in the midst of my storms. Hey, I had to learn the hard way and it really was a slow process for this hard-hearted woman.  I could no longer keep looking at people to make me happy, to solve my problems so I could have peace. I realized that it needed to come from within, from listening to the Holy Spirit to guide and show me my shortcomings and sin which when confessed lightens the heart!

You may have guessed that this verse in John 16:33 is one I lean hard into…

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

How does knowing this help my situation? I have said many times that I purposed long ago when I came to Christ to although not understanding much of what I read in the Bible, I would choose to believe even what I couldn’t understand. That the Lord would reveal to me what he wanted me to know when I needed to know it.

I have peace knowing that God is sovereign, omniscient and that in spite of His greatness, He cares greatly about me and those things that I am concerned about! My fears and failures. Click To Tweet

In trusting a God like that, I can have peace that passes ALL understanding, even when my world is crumbling apart.

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Oh momma…I want to encourage you to not doubt the God who loves you. Did you know it is a sin not to believe? This isn’t some wishy washy, comme ce, comme ca, kind of God who is in and out, here or there, maybe I can trust Him maybe not. If we don’t believe in what He says then why are we pretending to “Believe” in Christ?

Will you ponder these first three verses of Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea;

Though its waters roar and foam,
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride.

Let your heart find rest not in people, for they can disappoint and let you down. Not in the doing all the right things, to be affirmed (you won’t make it anyway or you will make yourself sick trying!) How about simply allowing yourself to rest in Him. To be comforted by Him. To be surrounded and loved by Him?

The last four verses of Psalm 46 should give way to reassuring your troubled heart:

     Come, behold the works of the LORD,
Who has wrought desolations in the earth.

He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth;
He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two;
He burns the chariots with fire.

“Cease striving and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

The LORD of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our stronghold.

“Cease striving and know that I am God”…another version says, “Be still and know that I am God…” Tonight when you lay your head on your pillow to sleep or hope too, remind yourself of your commitment to Him. Your commitment to trust Him in ALL things, to put your hope in Him so that He can fill you with faith, trust and confidence in Him.

Lord, when my heart is in panic mode and I don’t know where to turn I know I can turn to you! You are the only One who can show me true peace which allows me to truly rest in You. Thank You for loving me and caring for me like nobody else can. There is none like You Lord and I am grateful to be Your child…amen.



Oh Momma, Do Not Fear…

GraceTruth-300x300The world certainly is in an uproar. Doesn’t that make you a bit unsettled? These days there isn’t much peace and contentment going on. Watching nightly news only stirs us up and freaks us out! So how can we survive when every thing around us is literally shaking?

Over the past two weeks on the news there have been reports of earthquakes, volcanic activity and of course war. Countries at war, and angry people everywhere. The Bible says it as “wars and rumors of wars.” And indeed we see the Word fulfilling itself!

So friend, how are you doing with it all? You may be so consumed in your home life raising kiddos and working that well, you don’t even have time to look around at what’s happening in the grand scheme of worldly news. It may be several days later that you have the time to even grab the newspaper and see what’s going on. And the list just keeps piling high doesn’t it! We are a busy people today!

However, when you do get a glimpse of all that is taking place it sure can be a bit disconcerting can’t it! But I have a place of refuge where if you will take a moment to just rest and read, you will see that God is still in our midst. He hasn’t taken His eyes off of us, no He cares for you and me and this rattled world we are living in.

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I won’t talk prophesy at this point but yes, all this turmoil is foretold in God’s Word. What I will share are some verses from a Psalm that helps me to know that God is still in control, still on the throne and can still be trusted.

Have you read Psalm 46 lately? It’s not too lengthy, and seriously, it helps to slow down my pulse rate!

“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.”

How does this resonate with you? I remember the night of 9-11 very vividly. When I went to bed that night I distinctly remember feeling fearful. My husband wrapped me in his arms and comforted me the best he could and I cried and thought of how everything had suddenly changed. How nothing will ever again be as it was. At that moment he was my refuge, holding me and allowing me to rest in him as he said it would be alright. But seriously here, as much as we love our husbands and count on them for our comfort…there is a greater One who even outweighs our men. That may be sort of hard to visualize cause after all we usually want God with skin on!

God is greater and His refuge is sure. It is here that you can find the strength to lift your head out of your busyness and breathe at a normal pace without trying to escape your fears. Click To Tweet

Psalm 46.1

Because the Lord is with us everywhere and always, He is our help in times of trouble. And I don’t mean maybe! I don’t know about you but that is extremely reassuring!

The next couple of verses read:

“Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea;

Though its waters roar and foam,
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah”

Love that word Selah! From Bible Study Planet: The word “Selah” occurs seventy-three times in the Psalms, and is found also in Hab 3:3,9,13. The exact meaning of the word is unknown, but it’s believed by many scholars to be a musical term that means to pause, or reflect.

God seems to think that it is profitable for us to ponder theses few verses. And frankly, for me He is saying to my heart, “Put your trust in Me because I have all these things in My big hands.” We are completely covered by Him.

When our busyness keeps us from looking at our world, is that really okay? Then we don’t have to deal with how it affects us and our family, right? We don’t want to think about those things cause they aren’t safe for us! I get that. But seriously friend, we need to see God in our midst without minimizing the fact that He is Lord over all of it! The good, the bad and the ugly!

We have the Lord on our side when we have and know His son Jesus! And I often say, how do people get through the really hard stuff without Him? I am thankful that I know Jesus! Please visit here if you want to know more about how this happens!

So let me post the last couple verses trusting you to read the Psalm in its entirety!

Psalm 46.10-11

Oh Momma, take some time to stop, read, and reflect on the truth and promises of our God! He tells us to stop striving and He also reminds us that He is ever with us and always listening and even guiding his own with His eye!

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Forever and Ever…Amen

SorrowfulDo you believe that God can work in the hard stuff life doles out? I have lived it and maybe you as well. Please stop by where I am guest posting at Holly Barrett’s Testimony Tuesday” to share the goodness of the Lord! He will meet us when we ask.

This post was featured at Holly Barrett’s Testimony Tuesday as a guest blog on April 14, 2015 with that link no longer available.

It was a year…a year when many issues came to the surface and I was forced to take a serious look at myself and my marriage covenant. I felt hopeless, bound to a yucky body, a yucky marriage and a difficult son. To be perfectly honest, I wanted out of it all and I began to ponder the simplicity of just calling it quits on life.

When I was just an early teen in NYC, I couldn’t handle life then either and being in an unstable state of mind I downed my mom’s Valium and hoped to never wake up…but I did. I was rescued only to find out that I couldn’t escape my problems by just taking pills, or drugs, or alcohol or by delving into relationships. I just wanted to be loved!

But this time it was different. I was in my early forties, I was a Christian woman and had been for about 13 years but I was also disillusioned with life and my ‘faith’. Somehow I was deceived in my looking for love in all the wrong places I thought all these peripherals could make life liveable. A man who was stable, who could help me with my wild and crazy kids, a new home, a satisfying job in Christian radio and friends, I finally had some friends!

I had been recently hired at our local Christian radio station for full-time work as a bookkeeper and being the “Words of Affirmation” girl that I am, I was getting the strokes. Kimberly, you are doing a great job! Keep up the great work. You see, we had lost our manager from a tragic accident the previous fall and jobs were shifted around allowing me to begin full-time work.

Going to work became my escape. I could escape the craziness of home life that involved an angry husband, teenagers with one being extremely problematic.

At home I began to hate who I was becoming. I had started perimenopause and if you have ever been there you know exactly what I’m talking about…it stinks! I hated what my body was doing putting on excessive amounts of weight and water retention. I didn’t want anything to do with being intimate with my husband which sure didn’t help anything! We were all a mess! If either of us had uttered leaving, it wouldn’t have taken much for one of us to just go!

One night on my way home from working late (learning curve), I knew I would be hollered at for a late supper and who’s going to run kids to where and pickup whom…yup, I could just hear it. As I pulled my car in the garage. A song came on that broke my heart, reminding me of who is in control and beckoning me to remember my covenant. I clung to my steering wheel with tears running all over and listened…God was speaking to me through the words of John Starnes song, “I Plead the Blood”.

I remembered my covenant and I plead the blood over my family and home asking the Lord to help me be true to my words that I would never, ever again divorce! And He did just that…as I  prayed that the Lord would my husband joy and give me a love for him that had waned through years of disappointments.

Soon after I heard the Lord prompt me to pray for my guys (husband and two sons, one of whom was then in a locked treatment facility) to go to Promise Keepers in Minneapolis. So I did and my husband and oldest were able to go! It was at this juncture in his life that he recommitted his life to the Lord!

Friends, things did begin to gradually change. My husband does smile and laugh and can be joy-filled at times. He has become a man of God who is growing closer and closer to the Lord and to me. As for me, I would say that I love him more than I ever have! And we will celebrate 29 years in October!

I know my story isn’t like yours, but I do know that my God is the same as yours. I am not going to try to visit your scenario and tell you what to do. I am however going to remind you that He never changes and that He can be trusted with whatever impossibility we are willing to give to Him.

In Matthew 6:33 we are reminded of where to turn in our times of need. And in Philippians 4:6,7 we are instructed to be anxious for nothing, to pray about everything, and to be thankful in all things. When we are obedient to respond his way we are filled with the peace that even passes ALL understanding! Will you trust Him?

KD cropped sqSince 1990, Kimberly Nyborg, has worked at Northern Minnesota’s Christian radio station. She has served as host of a daily two hour music program for Psalm FM radio since 2004. Kimberly is involved in Women’s ministry and she speaks for various women’s events around the Midwest. She makes her home with her husband Jerry, in the “Icebox of the Nation”, International Falls, MN.


Another Lesson from a Schnauzer…Trust!

ElsaBeen a while since miss Elsa got herself on a freedom jog. She really had been doing wonderfully. Oh yes, we use the ‘shock’ collar because she needs those reminders…oh that’s right, I need to come, return, stop…so I will hear “good girl!”

Winter time makes it much easier to run back to the house, after all it’s cold out there! But spring has sprung and the wildlife is definitely showing more activity around our woods. Birds tweeting, rabbits hopping about, squirrels zipping around and boy a little girl naturally gets mighty curious about all these things that have started moving about.

We were out for a walk one morning and as we were finishing up and headed toward the house, (but back in the woods) I dropped her leash and asked her to come with me (redirecting our path.) Don’t you know I forgot the shock collar remote, but thought surely she would follow. I turned around and I couldn’t see her anywhere. Why this morning, when my husband was out of town? And now I would be late for work if she doesn’t show up quickly.

Fear began to arise, she always heads toward the road, a busy highway with traffic zooming 50-60 mph with people on their way to work and school. I really began to feel dread. My mind began to show me pictures of her mangled little body on the road and the tears began to flow. This has been my fear since the first couple times she ran from us and refused to come when called, ending up across the road in the neighbor’s yard. The the other time she was up the hill lickity split on a snow slick road. Man that girl can run.

I had so hoped that being almost seven she would quit her disobedient ways, ha! But isn’t that just like we can sometimes be? Oh, we have learned it isn’t healthy, wise, or right to do a thing and yet we can turn around and do it anyway…oh the sinful ways of man. As Paul tells us in Romans 7:15-20

Romans 7.15-20

I can get so confused with all this doing and not doing and falling backward into where I do not want to be!

  • Do you ever struggle with doing what you know you shouldn’t?
  • How about knowing what you should be doing but you don’t do it?
God has me on this trusting Him thing. And it started out being one of the hardest things to for me to engage in with Father. We say we trust God all the time right? We want to believe that He has us covered and that we are held in His hand. For me, I first had to believe in His sovereignty. That was a several year journey just knowing that God does what He wants and He orchestrates and allows it all, period. I had to accept that even the tough stuff was part of His plan to grow me more like Him! This was a shift I had to make to go forward in my walk with the Lord!
Then God introduced me to a little book, “Trust Without Borders” and a blogger, Arabah Joy, who helped me to begin that process of nailing the coffin on my fears. This became an amazing God journey for such a time as this! From God moving in the heart of my prodigal son to yup, even a stubborn little Schnauzer!
Line BreakSo as my stomach began to get a bit queasy and the time was ticking away to now 45 minutes and only God knew where she was, I heard that still small voice…”You are trusting me with you prodigal son aren’t you? Will you trust me with your dog?” Smack me right upside the head He did as He whispered those words to my heart. So I asked Him to forgive me and agreed with Him in trusting He would return her unharmed.
As hard as it was I headed back to the house and prayed for her to come home and then thanked Father for speaking to my heart in my hour of stress. Philippians 4:6,7 is definitely my mantra (which I seemed to forget in my panic!) so I continued with the familiar “Be anxious for nothing…” as I returned to the house to get ready for work.
As I was prepping for work I just kept saying Lord, I do trust you and I believe you have this all under control! Pretty soon I heard my mom (who lives with us) enter talking to someone. I went to see here usher in the panting Elsa! I of course was flooded with relief, scolded her and promptly took her down to her crate where she stayed secluded and alone till I came home for lunch.
Line BreakYou know, I have to admit that this trust thing can really get difficult, but I know that it is the right attitude I must have to proceed. Think about your most favorite true friend, could be husband, friend, parent, you know the person who you admire and look up to the most. Were you to look at that person and say “I don’t trust you” and then proceeded to behave as though you didn’t, how on earth would they feel and how would that affect your relationship? I think you are getting it!
How hurt is our God…the one who loves us beyond imagination only wanting His very best for us…when we say mostly by our actions that we don’t trust Him?
Well, as I shift my thinking about what it really means to trust the Lord, He has taken the liberty to test me and I am now okay with this. After all this is the God I promote. I let others know I trust Him and desire to obey Him and by so doing believe that He has my held in His hands and that only His best will come forth from each circumstance He takes me through. I will be able to walk into any situation and know that as I lean hard into all I know about Him, He will see me through the cancer, divorce, the financial collapse or loss of a loved one. I can trust my Abba Father!
Where are you at with trusting God?

Got Prayer?

Nyborg  0011I can think of too many times when I have thrown my hands up in the air and said,  “I just don’t know what to do!” My goodness, what a sorry statement that we all make at the times when God is right there waiting to help us in our predicament (no matter how small or large it may be.) It is all about retraining our thought process. We are not so, hopeless, helpless, defeated, whatever you want to call your situation that you cannot call out to God.

Do you need prayer? Right now is a perfect time to let God know what is going on in your heart. Stop your fretting and cry out to him and let Him hear your situation…nothing fancy, no special words or as simple as “help me Lord, I’m…”

One of the elements on this website is to be able to provide prayer support for you. Please know that it is okay to pray with a stranger who believes in the power of God to intervene in your circumstance. You can check out my prayer page and if there is anything you would like prayer for, I am here to pray for you and your situation.  So give it a shot and really, what do you have to lose? We are meant to pray for one another and share each other’s burdens. This is not a flashy ‘hear this’ kind of thing but a sincere and honest place to talk to the Father. God speaks pretty clearly about making prayer a big showy deal:

“Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.” the Message paraphrase

So how can I pray for you today?

Are You Walking in Fear of Faith?

So what is it that motivates you? There is something within each one of us that keeps us going, keeps us taking one step forward and another step after that one. I am speaking specifically of our Christian journey here on this terrestrial ball. Our walk is something we either just do without much thought given to it or it is proactive and spurned onward from the motivation of either fear or faith. 

The basics are the daily routine we find ourselves in with its nuts and bolts of dealing with everyday life. Our family, job and those unexpected interruptions (negative or positive) that we may just cruise through. But that can be so mundane. I don’t know about you but I want more! I want more of God, His power, love, experience and His blessings to accompany me while on the journey. 

I like this verse in Proverbs 16:9 “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Oh how we can get in the way of His will for our lives! You see, it could be that He has planted something within you that could potentially rock your world and raise the bar of excitement and fulfillment as you walk out His plan for you. Then along comes an anchor of doubt that will try to rob you of the joy of the journey. 

I am so afraid that…

It scares me to even think of going there…

But what if I fail and can’t do it…

What will people say if I do that… 

It seems to me that more often than not, we move forward dragging an anchor of fear instead of allowing faith to ignite our passion and propel us forward into that to which God has called us. We shrink back in fear and stay quite comfortable in our complacency! I know, I have done it myself and then I look back and wonder what could have been had I gone forward with that certain dream or vision. 

God’s word tells us that “…without FAITH it is impossible to please God”. Yet time and time again I make the choice to opt out because of the risks involved. I truly believe that we know when the Lord confirms in our heart a particular direction to take and how sad it is when the excuses come and we do not proceed. We miss out on the blessings and possibly the blessings intended for others by playing it safe. 

We all (Christian or non) go about our day with a certain measure of certainty that as we enter our cars to go where needed that the vehicle will get us to our destination, I am not talking about that kind of faith. What I am addressing is the kind found in Hebrews 11:1: 

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 

Could it be that God has laid something on your heart that seems a bit out of the box for you to undertake? Has he called you to a mission trip or to lead a small group, sing in the choir, start a new business venture or home school your children? These all have the potential to make some of us shake in our boots don’t they! But if you want to walk in obedience you need to get out of your comfort zone and act upon that calling. Even if you cannot see the finished product or end of the journey! He just calls us to action, to put one foot in front of the other as we lean into Him for direction! 

God has given me some dreams and confirmed some things that seemed rather ‘scary’ for me to Dawn_Speaking undertake. Like being willing to share my story and love for Him with others whether it is in written form, at a speaking engagement or on the air.  As God has confirmed in me to write my story out immediately my thoughts were who cares you and your story? That is a lot of time and energy expended for something nobody would be interested in reading. But after the confirmation was settled in me I knew that I was not to worry about who or if anyone would read it, I was just to begin the process of writing my life story. God knows what will happen with it and I am to act, not shrink back and decline His request. My part is to trust in what Hebrews 11:1 tells me, even if I can’t see or visualize the outcome. 

Are you one of those folks who needs to have your “ducks in a row” before you proceed? Some would argue that you would be taking precautions and securing your venture before moving forward. Please, I am not talking about being foolish throwing caution to the wind. I am talking about the calling upon you that keeps nagging at the back of your mind and you can’t seem to let it go. Then someone says something or a thing happens that really just settles in your mind that yes, you are to move forward. Your next step is to put one foot in front of the next even if you cannot see exactly where you are headed. 

kdheadphonescloseup Thinking back to when I was first asked if I would be     interested in working part-time at the Christian radio  station, I walked into the control room and looked at all the stuff (equipment) on the walls and said uh, I don’t think so! I wasn’t trained in radio. I didn’t have a clue regarding electronic stuff and there were eight knobs on that control board that completely ‘scared me’ to think of having to operate. I agreed to pray about it and willingly said, “God, if You want me to do this then I trust You will guide me through the process of learning how.”  I didn’t go off to broadcasting school or take a class in electronics but I did willingly say yes. Just about 20 years later I am still in radio and some amazing doors of opportunity have opened as a result of saying yes to God. 

Now, what about you? Let me encourage you not to miss out on the blessing of walking in obedience and allowing God to use You for His glory. Think of it as sowing into God’s kingdom. 

Father, I am so excited to be serving You in several of the ways that You have called me to serve. I am even pumped to see what You have in store for the next 20 years. I ask that You would keep me from complacency and the fleshly desire to take the easy way out instead of trusting You to lead me into Your way of everlasting! Everlasting joy and fulfillment knowing that I am in Your will, being used by You to introduce You to those who don’t know who You are and encouraging those who know You to walk in the abundant life You have for them. Let me keep pressing on till Jesus returns, in Your name, Amen.