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Embracing 2015!

Yup, it’s a new year and we are now securely in 2015. If you weren’t ready, well,I guess too late! If you weren’t prepared it is kind of after the fact I guess. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who has blindly entered into a new year or season unprepared. But  this year I have been ready, filled with excitement to know just what the Lord has in store for the next 12 months.

I don’t know about you but I don’t do resolutions any more. That is because I think that they seem to be made only to be broken. That in turn only heaps on guilt and shame and really, what good is that? Last year I was given words to ponder and live out and this year is no different. In finding out that this life road journey I am on is not about me but Him…things become a bit less whimsical and a lot more purposeful!

My Servant 15From Humility last year (and some pretty tough lessons in the learning.) To “Servant” this year and yikes, this might be an interesting journey for me. The words that come with this are found in:

Matthew 16:24; Luke 10:37 and John 21:15-17

The last reference is certainly a call to reach out and serve others so that they might know Jesus saves. Jesus calling to Simon Peter with a repeat of three questions followed by an admonition…

”…do you love me?…Feed my lambs.”

“…do you love me?…tend my sheep.”

“Do you love me?…Feed my sheep.”

If Jesus gave Peter this task, then that must mean that we are also capable, because we are His followers. So as I ponder and pray to get a full understanding of this I can only think that this is a continued fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1,2 where the promised Messiah would be anointed to bring good news to the poor; bind up the broken hearted; proclaim liberty to captives; open the prison to those who are bound; and comfort those who mourn.

You know what, in and of myself I think wow, this is not for me. But I am humbly asking God to show me how to make this a reality in my life for those ‘round about me! And seriously friend, it isn’t just for me but for all of us who say we belong to Him. This is the life calling of a bond-servant.

If you haven’t received a word or verse for 2015 you might begin to ask God to show you just what He has in mind. I think that this year is going to be a most exciting year with the possibility that Jesus might just return. If nothing else let’s live like He is coming tomorrow. It will make the difference in your tomorrow!

Ask God to show you more of Him.

Ask Him to show you where and how you can make a difference.

And then ask Him for the grace to begin the journey He has called you to walk.

For most of us it isn’t about great and mighty things. For a few of you it just may be. Don’t lose heart but seek His and I think you will be surprised at where He will take you!

Lord, I give you all of who I am so that I can do what You are calling me to do. Let me trust Your plan and purpose to bring the light into the darkness. In Your mighty Name Jesus!

My Right to be Right?

Humility1There will be those days when you wonder who you are really living with and comments are made that are hurtful and seem to come out of nowhere! But then I think at this point in my marriage relationship that we have come too far for that! Well guess what, even though my husband and I just celebrated our 28th anniversary, we can still fall into a nasty slump with each other. It still isn’t pleasant and it still hurts!

However, I am learning to see that it is important that when those crazy moments come that truth is what I need to focus on. Do we still love each other? Does he know that I still love him? In these times I need to let this guy know that yes I am hurt but that nothing can make me love him less, even if he is being cranky and saying hurtful things. Oh how our mouths can get us in trouble! And whether you admit it or not we all say hurtful stuff at times!

For me some time has to lapse so I can mull things over and settle down and see clearly that number one: I am not battling him but I am battling against our enemy the devil who would love to see our marriage fall by the wayside. Second is that we can get through this onslaught. Okay…and so how does this happen?

My word in this season has been humility. I do not believe that resolutions happen without it! I have to stop and be willing to look not only at him and his behavior toward me but I have to look at me. What did I say or do that may have fed into the heated argument. Finally, can God bring us through this? Well of course He can and He will. But am I willing to let go of my right to be right? Or exercise my right to “give him what for” because he was nasty and ugly to me? My battle is won by letting God know I was hurt and asking Him to show me how to bring about a right resolution without driving the wedge deeper into our relationship. Then I asked God to show me how to have a humble spirit or attitude when we discuss the situation.

I often pray out to God Psalm 51:10-12 and it really sets the tone for my attitude so that I can come to my offender in humility and ask his forgiveness in my part of this wrongdoing. I will say however that my guy’s heart is turned when I tell him that it really hurts when someone you love treats you unkindly (then describe the way I saw it played out.) It needs to be gentle and without intimidation. Proverbs 15:1 sure is the key isn’t it!

Oh that it would always play out like that! Or that we would never ever again, have a misunderstanding. That would be grand! However, I am learning from these instances after all these years! My hot headed responses are giving way to a more gentle and godly approach that leads to a resolution we all can grow from! After all, our Father has shown us the perfect example of that very response…

“Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?”  Romans 2:4 (NASB)

What are you willing to lay down to enter in to a resolution?

What good quality about your loved one can you point out in reconciliation?

Lord, I know that there are plenty of days when I won’t do it right. I ask you to give me your discernment when it comes to disagreements and remind me that I have relinquished my right to be right! Instead I will choose to do the right thing for Your sake and glory, in Jesus Name!